Eddie George – EGX NFL Moms Challenge

We have been blessed to meet some great professional athletes over the last 20 years. One thing I have noticed with players that leave professional sports, is the fact that most of them do not have long range plans after playing days are over. One player who did plant the seeds way before his season was over, was Eddie George (and yes he wrote the intro on his web page himself). He has a number of great things going on such as The Edge Group, EGX Lifestyle and a few other ventures.

Eddie has coming up the EGX NFL Moms Challenge, which is dedicated to promoting a healthy new lifestyle. The NFL Moms Challenge begins Sept. 6-8 and will mirror the 2007/8 football season, concluding with a EGX Superbowl in Phoenix on Jan. 31, 2008. The EGX Kids Fitness Challenge is Nov. 3rd.
So any of you Titans & Ohio State Buckeye fans that want to meet Eddie George in person here is the information below:
Who: 300 Boys & Girls, Ages 9 –15
Date: Saturday, Nov. 3, 2007
Time: 10am –2pm
Location: Titans Practice Facility –Nashville, TN

eddie george

Ok… I have to admit that I finally bought someone else’s Shirt!

Its true, its been a long time since I bought a shirt from somewhere else! I have only purchased 1 shirt before, and it was for my little girl because the design was so cool. See it here! What a cool design from a great artist!

Then a few weeks ago, someone sent me a link to a very cool site called www.woot.com They have a great concept going on! They basically post a new design every night at 12am cst, and sell it for $10! This price also includes SHIPPING! They will print between 400-1000 pieces per day based on the design being bought. I give them credit for doing something very cool and out of the box. This is one of the shirts we got from them:

screen printing

Stitch Away!

So for so good!

I will say this… embroidery is 100x easier to do than screen printing, the production part that is! We had about 3-4 hours of training from our rep, and once he left we started our first job of 60 pieces or so, with no problems. Only a few minor issues with the swf machine, which the swf technician was able to correct with us over the phone.
Here are the updated pics of our new embroidery room.

embroidery room, fayetteville tn

You can also see the Hoop Masters we purchased over the weekend at the Embroidery Mart East show in Nashville.
embroidery room, fayetteville tn

SWF Embroidery Machine is Finally Here!

It’s finally here!

NDesigns continues to grow our market share for embroidery. It has increased so much over the last 24 months, that we finally made the decision to bring it all in-house. We have been using a great company down the street to do all of our work. This new endevor will complement our existing screen printing operation, which still is the primary driving force of our business.

It took almost 2 years to research to decide on which equipment to go with. After going to countless tradeshows, reading different message boards, and getting different opinions from owners of embroidery machines, we decided to go with SWF. The main reason is the customer feedback we got about their great service once you buy the embroidery machine. SWF will be sending a tech down to do the installation of the 1508 Dual Function Embroidery Machine sometime next week.
Here are some photos below of the new machine arriving today.

swf embrodiery machine, nasville, huntsville, dallas, atlanta

Our New 1200 sq ft Embroidery Room:

embroidery room, fayetteville tn

Fresh off the Truck!

embroidery room, fayetteville tn atlanta, huntsville, nashville

What’s With the Colors??

Lately, its been funny to hear the comments from our local customers and friends who come by and see the new colors. They are bright! But, they match our website and our branding. Also, I want to say thanks to Concrete Floor Art, for doing such a great job of using a water base stain to dye our concrete floor.

Right now, we are 3 deep to an office, which is a great problem to have. Everyone is looking forward to having their own space to work in that isn’t so cramped. Below is the layout of just the office area and conference area.

New Colors

Update on the New Building progress…

We are still working on construction for our new offices and embroidery production area. Right now, the painters are thinking we must be crazy cause of the colors we are using! lol We are matching the colors from our website. We should have the drop ceiling finished by tonight, and trim work to start asap.

Time to rant…

Ok, I have to post my rant! I just don’t understand why some people do not like to work? I called a local guy here in town who does plumbing and duct work atleast 7-8 times until he finally came by (with his new bride, so I’m sure he needed the money!) to look at a project we needed done. He basically was going to be running a new gas line to our oven, and the vent that allows the hot air to leave the oven. Also we had plan to have him service our compressor, which would have been more money for him to make. As you can guess, he never showed up or return our calls. This is why its hard for me to feel sorry for people who do not want to work!
vent for screen printing oven

Thank goodness my good friend Joey came to the rescue. He took time out of his busy schedule to help us get the oven up and running. Anyone who plans to buy a big production oven for their shop, just make sure you plan on this part!

Cool Sign of the Week…

sign for hairzing

We had a customer that needed a custom foam board sign made at the last minute for a convention they had going on in Las Vegas. We even built a cool shipping crate to get this on the fed ex airplane at the last minute! They called on a Tuesday and had to have it Friday 1pm! Big props to our sign department for making the deadline!

Big Blue Beast is running!

We had a contest to see who could come up with the best name for our New 10 color M&R textile press. Around 80 suggestions were submitted, and the winner was “The Big Blue Beast”! Thanks to our customer Doug for the name. This new press is very much worthy of that name. Once again, a big thanks go out to Matt from Screen Process and the Installation Crew from M&R for coming down to do the install.