Great News! We raised over $15,000 for the Run For

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We had less than 60 days to organize the race.  Our initial goal was to have 250 people sign up.  We exceeded and doubled that number by the end of the day.  I can not thank the volunteers enough for all their help and support.   The day of the race I did not expect Todd and Sara to show up.   When it came time to give out the trophies,  it was so emotional to see Ella with her Daddy next to me,  I forgot to thank all the volunteers.   Everything I wanted to say, went down my cheeks with my tears!    Please forgive me!

Every penny we raised has gone back into the account that we set up for this event.  We had less than $400.00 in expenses to put the race on.  Toilets, and timing!  Other than that, everything else was donated by our wonderful sponsors.

I also have to give Mike Johnsey a big old hug!  In our first brainstorm meeting about the race, he mentioned that his company has a special charity that out of every payroll check of his, he personally donates a little money to this charity.   Mike decided to take the initiative and write a letter about Ella.   He never expected to hear anything back from them, but it was worth a shot.    Yesterday,  we got a check for $2500.00!!!! from Christian Foundation Inc, which is located in  Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

With this final check, it brings the total amount raised to $15,000!

We are also pleased to announce that this will become a yearly event to help raise money for other families that are in need of help!    For more information please goto: