Giving back… Passing it on…


I wanted to write about a local organization here in Lincoln County that is dedicated to providing immediate assistance to members of our community that are in desperate need of food. Last month, I had a good friend send me a message on Facebook telling me that this local food bank was running out of food supplies. Since I had never heard of this organization, I personally wanted to see for myself if they were really in need of help, or if they were just another non-profit organization trying to make a dime. Let me tell you; I was moved. Not only was I moved by the people who waited for 3 to 5 hours in the cold rain to receive food, but I was also moved by the amazing volunteers who took their personal time that Tuesday afternoon to help prepare and pass out the food.


I decided for the following week to have all 23 of our employees, as well as my wife and little girl, to volunteer at Provision Port for Tuesday night food distribution. I really wanted them to not only be thankful for what they have, but I also wanted them to show compassion to others as well. I really believe that this world could become a better place if only we would stop and take time to help out others that are in need around us. I think nowadays, we can sometimes have a tendency to overlook showing compassion towards the needs of others. However, if each one of our employees would go home and tell a friend or a family member what they witnessed at Provision Port…. then I believe that IT WAS WORTH IT!


Provision Port is a non-profit organization that seeks to provide individuals and families with clothing, food, and emotional support. Provision Port specifically targets community members that are classified as homeless, low income, working low income, and the elderly.