Yes, we WOULD like 14,000 shirts!

Yes, in case you were wondering, you did read correctly.
14,000 shirts.

Things you may not know about our 14,000 shirts:
1. They arrive on their very own truck.
2. They are saran wrapped just like your lunch.
3. It took six 7 X 4 pallets to get them all here.
4. They have to be counted..(every single one of them!!)
5. NDesigns will be printing ALL of them… in less than 3 days.

Whoah. That can be a lot to take in. Especially the saran wrap part. Just breathe, you have to take each task as it comes, even if they come at the same time!! For instance, we are putting the finishing touches on our lobby renovation, our new addition to the shop, and now this huge job! We are happiest when we’re busy though. 🙂



So this is just the first of it…. Printing doesn’t seem that bad! They’re only a few thousand in at this point though.

Follow WHO to Home Depot? The thousands and thousands of employees who will be wearing these shirts – that’s who.

SO, you know we got this new folding/bagging machine – right? Well here it is at work! Doesn’t look like much right now… but as the project progressed, the work space be a sea of orange! Not literally.. they were stored in bags to avoid a clutter after being packaged individually.

Ya know… after wanting a folding machine for so long, it seems almost absurd to have just now gotten one! It made this process much more breezy. We’re going to use this for everything now! After all, presence is quite essential.

After a long, hot, week of orange lint collecting in our nostrils and on our foreheads (it was literally everywhere by the end! Cleaning was the funnest.) the staff was rewarded with a nice  buffet lunch, courtesy of Jeff. See! He does have a heart 😉 Just kidding… the boss takes great care of all his staff and it’s always a great time to get the work family out together for a meal or just whatever! Sorry we didn’t get a pic of that! You’d probably be able to smell them through the photo though, so consider it a blessing. 😉

That’s all for now, folks.

High Fives to NEDCO!

For a few years now, we’ve been wanting to purchase a folding/bagging machine, always doing everything by hand.  This can be tedious and time consuming when the task involves thousands of shirts.  We have been going back and forth with Nedco, the manufacturer of such a machine, for the last two years or so.  Finally, a few weeks ago they approached us with a proposition to put in a demo machine for 90 days and allow us to try it out before we buy.  We agreed! And they would be bringing the machine down sometime in September.

Well… We ran into a bit of a problem last week. We had 75,000 pieces coming down the pipeline within the next three weeks that had to be printed, folded and bagged… So I gave Nedco a challenge!  If they could get the machine up here within 5 days, I would buy a new machine.  Not only did they arrive a day early, but the owner (Jack) himself came to help install and train us on the demo unit!

This type of service is something that all companies should take notice of and emulate within their own infrastructure.

Here is a short video of how it works… Pretty neat!

Stay tuned for a video of the real deal. It can really do work!

A Few Highlights of Our Week!

Ahh, the weekend is over and it’s Monday again… How does your work week kick off?

If you come into our shop on Monday morning around 10am, you’ll find the whole crew gathered around the table for our weekly Monday Morning  Meeting. We talk about the good news, the bad news, the week before, and what’s to come int he current week, and just anything that needs to be laid out on the table… *Drum, drum, symbol!*

Here’s a few highlights from last week:

As if there isn’t a TON going on around here already—between the building expansion, the lobby renovation, other top secret plans 😉 and so on—we’ve taken on a huge job! (Hint, it has something to do with 14,000 tee shirts!) Materials are trickling in before the big day starts, so just stay tuned for that post!

Okay – getting a little scatter brained… just go with me here.

So everybody needs supplies and just stuff for their businesses as they grow… and well, to be frank, we’ve been booming! And with all this expansion, we had to upgrade some of our equipment. Check out what we got…!



Thursday was a special day for a particular member of our staff… Thomas’s birth was celebrated with tons of food and a smoking grill! All his treat! What a swell guy, huh.


Chicken, pork, rib tips, hamburgers, hot dogs, his Grandma’s potato salad and baked beans… even homemade cake!! It took us a good minute to get it out of Thomas just why he decided to shower us with all this great food and good times… He didn’t want anybody to know it was his birthday! As soon as he spilled it, we sang a harmonious tune for him… Happy Birthday, Thomas!

After such a great lunch and a good break from work to enjoy the company of each other, we had to get back to work, of course. Everybody was so stuffed, it’s a good thing we had tons of t-shirts to print to help us work some of that off!

It’s absolutely wonderful that we can get the whole gang together once in a while. Tasty food, great people, countless laughs… just good times. That’s only a few reasons why NDesigns is quite possibly the best place to work – where we’re more than just coworkers, we’re friends and family.

Happy Birthday, Thomas!


The work week came to a close and it’s time to enjoy the weekend… On Monday, during our meeting – we’ll see who had the MOST fun in those two days… Maybe we’ll get Jackie to share her wild stories. 😉

Hint for the meeting: Do not yawn!