2012 Sherry’s Run – These are the types of events we love to help out with!

Sherry’s Run is Wilson County’s largest non-profit annual event started by friends and family of Sherry Patterson Whitaker who lost her life to colon cancer in 2004. Faith, courage, optimism and a desire to help others were qualities that defined Sherry. People who participate in Sherry’s Run honor the lives of their loved ones affected by cancer, run to inspire others, or run for fun. Proceeds of the benefit provide financial assistance to individuals actively pursuing cancer treatment and their families who live, work, or go to church in Wilson County or the surrounding communities.

This year marked the ninth Sherry’s Run, and we’re happy with the results! With the help of the 3, 842 participants and many sponsors we raised more than $234, 016. We’d like to thank NDesigns for their generous donation of $5,000. Your contribution will greatly help many families in the area and is appreciated.

Thank you for all your company does!

Sherry’s Run Executive Board


“We gave some people the shirts off our backs…”

Electric Lineman Rodeos are held annually around the country for line workers who want to showcase their talents in friendly competition. Every participating utility company comes up with a design that represents their company on a shirt. Murfreesboro Electric Department (MED) participated in the Lineman Rodeo again this year, and once again, I came up with the design that went on the shirts our employees wore.

This year, I decided to try a tribal design since it seems to be very popular, especially with younger folks. Once everyone agreed on the design, one of our employees had the idea to do a fundraiser for the American Cancer Foundation (ACF) using donations made for our shirts. This was great idea that had never been done at the rodeo, and since we lost a long-time employee to cancer a couple of years ago, it was well-received throughout the company. Since the shirts were going to support the American Cancer Foundation, it was suggested that they should be pink. The shirt’s color was agreed upon after one of our female employees stated that “Real Men Wear Pink.”

NDesigns worked their magic and created one of the sharpest and most popular shirts we have ever worn in the rodeo. We ordered extra shirts to take to the Tennessee Valley Lineman Rodeo (TVLR) in Clarksville to give to people who made donations to the ACF, but we soon found we had not ordered nearly enough. We were overwhelmed with the number of people wanting the shirts, and for a donation, we even gave some people the shirts off our backs. In the end, making a donation to such a worthy cause was a great feeling. Thanks for all of your help, NDesigns. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Jim Fuller
Safety Director
Murfreesboro Electric Department

Mom’s “Fighting Spirit” Relay shirt In memory of Sheri Spencer

Here is a great email from one of our customers:


In June 2012, my co-workers and I formed a Relay For Life team for the Fayetteville branch of Redstone Federal Credit Union. We honored my mom. My niece, Kaleigh Howell, is a wonderful artist who designed the t-shirts NDesigns made for our team. Mom was so proud of her! As many of you know, Mom was an artist, also!


In May 2011, my mother, Sheri Spencer, was diagnosed with small-cell lung cancer. The news hit my family and me like a ton of bricks. We couldn’t believe the news. There is NO cure.

I will never forget the day Dr. Cobb told Mom, “Sheri, if you don’t opt to do chemotherapy, you might as well go fishing.” When it gets really quiet, those words still ring in my ears, and my mind goes back to that moment.


Mom opted for chemotherapy, and a week later, she underwent her first treatment. She felt well and handled the treatments with exceptionality. The chemo shrunk her cancer, but when the treatments ended, she had no energy.


A year later, in May 2012, we learned her cancer was back. It had spread all over, and her oncologist said she could try a clinical study or opt for hospice care. After probing the oncologist with questions regarding a clinical study, she decided against it. She wanted to enjoy the time she had left with us, her family.


When our brother, Jody, found out Mom was going on hospice, he called and told her to pick a place she wanted to go and he would take her there. She said, “Take me to Iowa.” That’s where she was raised. She knew she needed to say goodbye to family and friends.

We lost my precious mother on August 14, 2012. She will forever always be in the hearts of her family and friends. Her fighting spirit was incredible, and it will live on in the lives of her family and friends forever!

Thanks for making the day special.
Katy Gatlin