Banner Deal!

Have you driven by our shop recently and spotted the #sign by the road? For all of our wonderful out of town customers who can’t stop by and see us, we have some pretty awesome #summer deals going on right now including a #FREE 4×8 full color#banner with every order of 72+ shirts 


Out the door in 4!

“Out the door in 4”!
This post is for those fellow entrepreneurs and business owners. When we started the screen printing part of our business 16 years ago, it was very hard to get terms with vendors that we buy our blanks from. No matter how great our personal credit was, it was tough to get. When the blanks arrived from UPS at 10 am, we would sometimes have to give them a “hot check” to cover the C.O.D. goods. The clock was ticking!!! We busted our tails to get the product done the same day the shirts arrived. Allowing us to call the customer to come pick up and pay. We made this banner as a reminder to myself and the 2-3 employees that we had at the time. As old as it is, we have never changed or updated it. We still believe in that quick turn around time. Sometimes when we have obstacles, you have to look at the good that comes from it. . Also, thank goodness we never bounced a check!