A Blog from Joe The Plumber

I had no idea when I started at NDesigns that there was so many “projects” that needed to be done.  I started here doing fulfillment (for those of you who don’t know what that is: we print a stock order of your shirts, you sell the shirts to different people, we package and ship them for you…Just another way we try to be your best business partner.)

Once of the first things I did here was write a program to help with fulfillment.  Yes, Joe the Plumber is also a programmer.  But besides writing programs and doing fulfillment, I have replaced every toilet in the building—we have the top of the line models (you can flush a bucket of golf balls! But please don’t try, Jeff already got in trouble for that…)  I have installed exhaust fans in the back building;  I have moved electrical outlets, painted walls, fixed our exposure machine, hung metal on the building, and the list goes on…

And by the way, I also can embroider, make signs and banners, heat press your vinyl apparel and tons of other things.

So when you drop by to ask about some shirts or signs or anything else, ask for Joe.  I’ll do my best to make sure you get exactly what you want with your order AND I can talk with you about your leaky toilet or if you need an “If…then” or a “Do While” loop in your computer program.