About Us

NDesigns is a Tennessee-based company serving customers from New York to Japan.

We offer a wide range of services including Screen Printing, Embroidery, Digital Media and Ad Specialty Products. At NDesigns, we’re committed to providing quick turn around, high quality products and great customer service!

Rise of the Web

NDesigns, an innovative company that began in 1996, we started out as an Internet design and consulting firm. We specialized in developing winning online solutions for medium-sized and large corporations.

In 1999, we started two music web properties, and we used our experience in building web systems to build two of the largest online communities dedicated to music. We saw the rise of the internet as an interactive medium and built our communities to give web surfers a single destination for all things related to the music they loved.

Visit to Magic

On a trip to the Magic Show in Las Vegas (where clothing designers meet clothing buyers), we had an epiphany. While our original goal of the trip was to see which lines we would offer to our communities, the need for a new NDesigns service was uncovered. When we tried to order items to display, we were often told that we would have to buy large quantities, pay for them there, then wait 8-10 weeks for delivery. Even then, the deliveries were not guaranteed to arrive.

There had to be a better way.

NDesigns Screen Printing Expands

Though we had been involved in the screen printing industry for over 15 years, the primary purpose was just provide merchandise support for our web ventures. After the Magic Show, we decided to expand our screen printing operation to service the needs of designers that wanted to offer their lines, but didn’t want to be overcome with the costs and hassles of doing so. We expanded our production, built a new storage facility, tuned our operations, and made it possible for more designers to get access to the apparel market.


Our clients are not limited to the music market. We produce for all markets, all sizes, all environments – from small short run jobs of 24 pieces to long run multi-color lines. Not only can we screen print any design you may need, we have our own in house art team to help you come up with a custom design that fits your business, event, or team. We also offer high quality professional embroidery and vibrant digital media options such as custom stickers, signs, banners, vehicle wraps, and more!

Why Choose NDesigns?

We are able to meet your needs no matter what size your job is. We are located in Fayetteville, Tennessee (60 miles south of Nashville, TN / 20 miles from Huntsville, AL), and can ship to all 50 states and overseas. We attribute our success to our solid commitment to quality and customer service. We guarantee all of our work and we take great lengths to ensure that our customer is always satisfied.