New M&R Dryer!! Loved it so much, we had to buy 2 of them!

Matt from Screen Process of Alabama came down today to help us put together our new M&R Sprint International Dryer. (This is our second one!) Once we got it uncrated, it took a good full day to assemble it. Talk about service! This is another reason why we pay a little more to have the best equipment and service. This dryer is going to be a huge asset to our company! It will really help, especially now that we are in the busy season.

Teamwork makes the Dreamwork!

We are on our way to having another record month! I have to say, we have one of the best group of employees ever working right now for NDesigns. They are dedicated as much as I am to making sure we meet our customer deadlines. I have always stressed to them working as a team is the reason we have been successful. I remember 5 years ago, when it was only my mother-n-law, and myself working 7 days a week (12-16 hour days) doing all the printing by hand. I know some of our first employees we hired had to think I was crazy with all my dreams of where we wanted to take this business. Even then, it was always a “WE” effort!

Turn The Weather Up!

We are gearing up for spring! Boxes and Boxes of shirts are arriving to be printed.


Quick Update on Building:

We are waiting on the electricians to show up to begin the wiring which should start next week!

We do a ton of vinyl! Cars, Boats, Banners, Walls, all types of Signs, you name it!
vinyl signs

We help make dreams come true

We got an email from a customer saying how much he loved his shirts and how these were part of a clothing line that was always a dream of his and how he finally got to see it come to life. That day he was on the TOP OF THE WORLD.

We were part of that. How’s that for earning coolness points?

In the big picture, it’s only a few shirts among the thousands that we produce every week and for the most part it’s just a strip of material with pictures on it. In reality, there is a collection of little pictures (or pixels for all of the techies out there) that comprise the larger view. Each little picture, or individual batch of shirts, has a purpose that is important to each customer placing the order.

Each job has a story to tell. Each job is part of somebody’s dream.

Looking back over the years, I’ve found we’ve helped produce shirts and other items that have been sent all over the country and even to other parts of the world. We’ve produced items to:

  • Help fight cancer, heart disease, and other afflictions and ailments.
  • Call attention to the problem of child abuse and ways of getting help.
  • Promote an independent music artist.
  • Allow a cheer squad from middle school represent.
  • Help a lady pay tribute to her departed son.
  • Boost a startup company.
  • Market a growing business.
  • Make people laugh and smile.

It’s impressive that all of this can be done with printed pictures on strips of fabric and it’s been an honor and pleasure to have been a part of the above examples and all of the jobs that we have worked on. When NDesigns was started, it was built on the ideals that if you do quality work at a fair price in a timely manner, you will succeed. Who knew that part of the deal was that we would have a part in helping to make someone’s dreams come true.

Very awesome!

Welcome to Behind the Screens and on behalf of the folks here at NDesigns, thank you for giving us a bit of your time and hopefully you will not only visit again, but you will give us a chance to be part of YOUR hopes and dreams.

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Until Next Time..