Here at N’Designs, there’s nothing we love more than helping our neighbors and friends in need. So, when Garrett and Kaycee Valcourt came to N’Designs with their own story of helping someone in need we were ecstatic to design their t-shirts. They needed t-shirts to participate in a 5K run called The “Our Kids” run. This run and other events like this help to raise money for local and foreign adoptions. Kaycee’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ricky Brown, are currently trying to adopt a Ukrainian girl named Nataliya. Nataliya is 14 years old. Adoption is very costly, and can be quite a lengthy process, so raising money to lower not only cost for the families, but also processing time for the child(ren)’s adoption is very important.

Adoption hits close to home with Garrett, as he has been involved in several adoption cases over the years. Both Garrett and Kaycee are youth group leaders at a local church here in Fayetteville called The Rock Family Worship Center. The Rock Family Worship Center is huge into adoption, as they have hundreds of church members that have adopted children from places like China, Indonesia and India just to mention a few. So, we knew this t-shirt had to be special. On the front we decided to use the phrase “Team Nataliya” both in English and Ukrainian translation. For the back we played on the 5K theme using the two country outlines as start and finish points.

On Saturday, May 25th Kaycee and Garrett, along with many other people, laced up their running shoes and took off. The race was a great success, and Garrett finished 3rd place! Autumn Wright also took a first place finish for her age group. We are so glad this family chose N’Designs for their t-shirt printing needs, and we will continue to be fans of Team Nataliya!

team nataliya collage