“Never look back.” Removable vinyl wraps

Some people live by the saying “Never look back.”  However, here at NDesigns, we get our motivation from looking back, seeing where we started out at, and realizing how much we have accomplished in the past ten years. After recently remodeling our office space and painting the four walls a different, bright color. We decided the columns were just too much, and we needed to tone it down a bit. That’s when our employees got the idea to put our Fathead material (removable vinyl) to good use. We went back in NDesign’s history and made a collage from hundreds of photos we had taken over the years of previous employees, big projects, and the always fun random moments we have here everyday. So on the days we get completely swamped with work and we want to throw our hands up and walk out, we can take a look at our columns and be reminded of the days we wished for the business we have today.