Our company is only as good as our people! Introducing, Sam.

Meet Sam Cook our newest Graphic Artist at NDesigns! We all have a story to tell and Sam’s is VERY interesting – Sam was born deaf, at the age of 5, Sam, received a very old fashion hearing aid, but this only allowed crackly, distorted sounds. At the age of 9, Sam underwent Cochlear Implant surgery and for the first time was given the opportunity to discover clearer more defined sounds! Sam’s first language is Sign Language, though he prefers to have face to face conversations so he can read your lips and facial expressions, than say phone conversations! He attended public school with an interpreter til 7th grade then stopped to see if he could do it on his own – with only receiving 6-8% what you and I hear, he still managed to be enrolled in Honor Classes! He graduated high school and went to Jacksonville State University where he received his degree in Graphic Arts. College is where he met for the first time other “Real” deaf people and learned what he missed out in high school studies! He received an award for Excellence in Washington, DC and USA Arts chose his work for an Exhibition for 4 years!

Fun fact Sam shared with us is deaf people have fewer car accidents than those of us that can hear; due to fact their eyesight is much better than ours.

Welcome Aboard Sam!



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