Sherry’s Run 2011

Hi, All! Jen here. As you may know, we at NDesigns are all about causes and helping where we can. So when we were asked to print shirts for Sherry’s Run this year, without a doubt, we were all in. After printing the shirts, Tiffy drove down personally to pick them up and meet with us. Such a sweet lady! To hear her stance with the yearly event and how excited she was about it was just refreshing. So I marked my personal calendar to make the event a part of my weekend plan. Though I did not participate in the actual run (to be honest, I haven’t ran a full mile in quite some time!) I definitely wanted to be there and be a part of such a wonderful event.

The morning of the race was just beautiful! The weather was so nice – not too hot and not too chilly – perfect running weather. I was quite surprised to see just how many people were there! I had no idea the Run was such a big deal… and it gets better yet.   In the 3600+ participating runners/walkers, there were 112 teams. Most of them make signs for Sherry’s Run – it was absolutely amazing! Such different creativity and all so interesting.

Team Participation Team Signage There was this one sassy team of  ladies, sporting lots of pink – even a hot pink mohawk! They cheered and danced around to music playing during the Auction and even got other people to join them in the electric slide! (My Favorite.) Smiling and laughing right along with them, I asked if I could snap a pic of them, and of course they were all for it! Check ’em out…

One team came all the way from Alaska!!!! Talk about altruism… The group traveled to Lebanon, TN from Alaska to devote a whole 4 hours of their life to help with the awareness of colon cancer. SO commendable. (Unfortunately I couldn’t locate them to get a pic.)

The Cause

So i definitely enjoyed the social nature of the event but what I’m hugely thankful for is the amount of knowledge I brought back with me about colon cancer. It’s a scary thing! And a lot more common than you’d think. They had this giant inflatable colon that you can walk right through and read about the different types of colon cancer and even shows you what it looks like inside the colon! Very informative. And it was kind of interesting to be passed through a giant colon and definitely lightened the mood.


Another cool thing i saw (and really couldn’t miss) was this big sign! Of course, being in the sign business as well, I had to scope it out. I loved it! definitely grabs your attention and makes you think for a second… which is what any good sign will achieve!

Colon cancer awareness sign


The crowd was great and the people watching was enjoyable, and the positivism brought by all to shed a light on such a tragic illness was inspiring. The end of the event consisted of the honor ceremony where the board of directors gathered on the stage to talk about the event – the turnout, the history of it, and of course the awareness they bring about colon cancer. Each year they dedicate the event to someone and honor those who’ve passed and those still fighting. It was a beautiful, yet sad few moments, but i definitely appreciated every second.

board of directors

Sherry’s Run has become a huge annual event, going strong for 8 years now and raising more and more every year.

We would like to thank all of those at Sherry’s Run for allowing us to be a part of the experience! You guys are so amazing!


Oh, and here’s a shot of people wearing the shirts we printed.

I got lots of good feedback from the Sherry’s Run volunteers about the shirts which made it all the more rewarding!