Time to rant…

Ok, I have to post my rant! I just don’t understand why some people do not like to work? I called a local guy here in town who does plumbing and duct work atleast 7-8 times until he finally came by (with his new bride, so I’m sure he needed the money!) to look at a project we needed done. He basically was going to be running a new gas line to our oven, and the vent that allows the hot air to leave the oven. Also we had plan to have him service our compressor, which would have been more money for him to make. As you can guess, he never showed up or return our calls. This is why its hard for me to feel sorry for people who do not want to work!
vent for screen printing oven

Thank goodness my good friend Joey came to the rescue. He took time out of his busy schedule to help us get the oven up and running. Anyone who plans to buy a big production oven for their shop, just make sure you plan on this part!