Wait…Is your T-Shirt GLOWING?!

Discharge pictureCheck out our video! We are loving these discharge inks!

Discharge inks work by extracting or bleaching out the dye from the fabric that is being printed. Some formulations replace the dye with the pigment (color) in the ink that is printed. The process seems a little magical to those who have never seen it, because discharge is a steaming process that actually takes place in the dryer. The print does not look very good when the fabric/garment is removed from the print plate, but it looks great after it’s properly cured. Additionally, discharge prints are among the most demonstrative of a complete cure. If the appearance after curing is right, the garment is most likely fully cured.

D-Flo is a Fluorescent discharge ink. Suitable fabrics that are 100% discharged producing an extremely soft-hand. D-Flo has brighter fluorescent color in black light settings than other products. D-Flo gives exceptional fluorescent color. D-Flo can be used in conjunction with other ink systems to produce multiple effects. D-Flo’s rheology and flow characteristics allow it to be printed with high mesh counts. This produces very fine image detail and a softer finish.