We are Moore!

It was about 10 pm before I got home and was able to see the news of the tornado that hit Moore, Oklahoma. It was devastating to watch the coverage. A friend of mine tagged my personal Facebook in a post about helping to donate some shirts. He was referring to a voucher that he had previously won for 36 free t-shirts. He wanted to get the t-shirts and sell them for $20 each to donate the money. This post changed everything. I got out of bed, went straight to the store and designed a shirt specifically for these great people of Moore. I decided that 36 t-shirts just wasn’t going to cut it. We had to go big.

Of course, we are all so grateful to be able to help out and do our part. However, I wanted to lift spirits. I wanted more. The design you see is strong. “WE ARE MOORE” said to me that absolutely nothing can tear down our spirits. A tornado can tear down material things, but for these wonderful people, its an honor to walk around in these t-shirts strongly and confidently displaying WHO we are and WHERE we come from. Let’s face it, We really are all MOORE. This could be any of us. Our homes, our businesses, our schools, our families and friends. So; neighbors, friends, brothers, sisters and everyone. Let’s do what we can.

Instead of the 36 t-shirts, N’Designs will donate up to 1000 shirts. Absolutely 100% of the $20 per shirt will be given to the people of Oklahoma affected by the Tornado. This is our chance to make a difference! We are currently printing and shipping out the shirts! Get yours today!  http://moore.bigcartel.com/

"We are Moore", T-Shirts we are printing.
“We are Moore”, T-Shirts we are printing.