Our jobs here at NDesigns are so much more than a 9-5. More than a paycheck, more than just coming and sitting in a cubicle. Working at NDesigns means you are responsible for t-shirts people wear, the signs they display at their businesses, their churches, and schools. We are responsible for the boat and car wraps people drive around, their vinyl stickers stuck to doors and windows. It means A LOT to work here. When people come to us for these items they are trusting us to give them a logo that will be forever the symbol of their business, or that when they wear their schools t-shirt around people are going to ask “Where did you get THAT?!” We take so much pride in our work from beginning to end. From the great customer service when you walk in the door or send and email or call, all the way to delivery or pickup. The most satisfying part about our job is when our customers send pictures of them or their group in the apparel we printed for them, or driving through town and seeing the banner in front of whatever building you are passing and thinking “I hemmed and grommeted that banner myself!” The smiling faces you see in the pictures below are why we do what we do. We take great pride in what we do and we understand you are counting on us to provide you a unique design that will be marketable, wearable, or even stickable! 🙂 (Is that a word?) Just know Mr. and Mrs. customer that without you, we don’t exist. You are the foundation of our success. We do not take you for granted. We appreciate every single one of you wonderful people, and it is absolutely our pleasure creating your designs for you. We are honored you choose us time and time again. Next time, send us some pictures!